Redefining architectural facades

Thank you for your interest in learning more about KPS. We are skilled fabricators and installers of high-performance exterior wall panel systems.

We do the investigative work for you in choosing to work with facade materials that have demonstrated their ability to be ‘life of the building’ products that meet code requirements and are virtually maintenance free.  We then integrate these products into advanced wall panel systems, including industry leading Rainscreen technology.

Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount.  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and quality results that exceed expectations.

Continuing our tradition of excellence since 1986, KPS is here to help you achieve greatness in architecture and construction. So, go ahead — dream big!

A proven process

With over 30 years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing our proprietary exterior wall panel systems, we’ve refined and streamlined our process. We can support projects from design consultation to installation, collaborating with clients through all phases of a project to achieve exceptional results.

Test the system's performance

Our systems undergo rigorous performance and safety testing in reputed, independent laboratories. Full-scale mock-ups are tested until they meet or exceed industry requirements.

Consult on the design and budget

Meeting with the architect, we consult on the design and specifications and assist with budget pricing, finding the right solutions to the project’s unique challenges.

Submit a formal bid for the project

After the architectural drawings and specifications are provided, we’re ready to bid the project with a formal quote at a competitive value for the full scope.

Execute digital shop drawings

As we order materials, our technologists begin shop drawings – with dedicated in-house resources, we work efficiently with the architect to finalize the design.

Measure the surface in the field

We send our experienced installers to the project site to field measure, allowing us to deliver a product with exacting precision – to 1/16th of an inch.

Fabricate the system

We fabricate our systems where we’re headquartered in Vancouver, BC, allowing us to manage the production and quality control every step of the way.

Install the system on site

With dedicated trades-people on staff and trusted installation partners across North America, we install our systems efficiently, safely and with the highest standards for building performance.