About the project

For their first major project in LA, the owners of Onni Group entrusted us to help them create a one-of-a-kind, above-grade parking garage screen and statement piece within the neighbourhood. In collaboration with QMAAS Studios, we introduced Onni Group to the possibilities of OmbraeTM Imaging Technology.

The Ombrae screen we developed at LEVEL Furnished Living features commissioned artwork by Vancouver artist and creator of Ombrae, Rod Quin. The unique geometric pattern is the largest anamorphic display in North America. An exercise in forced perspective, the display encourages viewers to move to the optimal viewing position across the street, where each of the 700 triangles become exactly the same size. The anodized aluminum finish reacts with the ambient light conditions and reflects the colours of the location’s surroundings.

Met with critical acclaim, the screen is an architectural statement piece from Onni Development, demonstrating their commitment to the revitalization of downtown LA.

“Onni Group knocked it out of the park with their podium… the design completely covers the parking levels with graceful panels that look purposeful, not obtrusive.”

LA Mag
October 13, 2015