Complete in December 2017, the Nike NYC Garage project was designed by SRG Portland and built by Hoffman Construction.  Providing 1900 parking spots to Nike employees at the Portland Campus, the building is highlighted by vivid Nike Orange aluminum composite panels at the stair towers, parking ramps and entrances. These features contrast against the various grey tones of the main structure.



Development of the custom Nike Orange finish was undertaken by 3A Composites, the manufacturer of Alucobond. Working with their paint suppliers, they managed to reproduce the intense orange desired by the design team.  Several formulation attempts were required to achieve the correct colour and to meet the specified 20 year warranty period for the paint finish.



Perhaps the greatest challenge overcome on this project was the complex geometry of the stairs and ramps .  Each stair tower required 250-300 unique panels, covering every surface with the exception of the stair tread.   Initially, the fabrication was to be based on guaranteed dimensions, however, after a cursory check, it was clear that the structure was outside of the required tolerance.  As such, each element had to be 3D modeled.  In co-ordination with McKinstry’s on-site personnel, our in-house engineering team was able to model the as-built structure, then use that structure to determine panel sizes and dimensions.



The 2,500 panels covering 65,000 square feet were fabricated by KPS using our System A Plus Pressure Equalized Rainscreen technology.  The system package was shipped from our North Vancouver facility in British Columbia directly to the project site and installed by McKinstry Portland.




Together with a series of urban murals at the basketball, futsal and handball courts, the Alucobond panels have made the Garage stand out as a dramatic example of how parking facilities can be much more than just vehicle storage.