The KPS ThermaSmart Clip provides intermittent structural attachment for the installation of exterior insulated Rainscreen wall assemblies. Its use greatly improves the thermal performance of the building envelope. The front of the clip is a 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion.  The L-angle base is stainless steel with very low thermal conductivity. The base is available in various depths to match the required insulation thickness and the face bracket is adjustable to allow for precise alignment of the panel system. The ThermaSmart Clip is compatible with all of our high-performance Rainscreen wall panel systems.

Ask us about the thermal energy modelling that the ThermaSmart Clip has undergone.  We can assist you to meet the effective R-values that your wall assemblies must achieve.


  • Achieves compliance to ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and NECB thermal performance standards for exterior wall construction
  • High strength of clip allows for increased clip spacing that further improves thermal performance
  • Does not contain combustible components such as plastic or fiberglass
  • Available for insulation thicknesses of 2” to 8"
  • Allows for 1/2” of depth adjustment without shimming
  • Eliminates need for additional sub-girt layer with panel systems by KPS


Thermal modelling report