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KPS Systems 4DL Louvre

4DL Louver


The 4DL Louver is a 4 inch deep, extruded aluminum stationary louver that serves both architectural and mechanical function.  It is designed to maintain intake and exhaust performance while resisting water infiltration. The louver is drainable; engineered to weep water away to the horizontal jamb extrusion, where it is directed down channels to the base of the unit and away from the openings.  It is constructed from 6063 T6 aluminum that can be offered in either anodized or painted finishes.

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KPS Model System 4DL Louver
KPS Model System 4DL Louver


  • Drainable blades at 45 degree angle
  • 50% open area
  • Max. Size 48” x 120” (1200 x 3050) / Min. Size 12” x 12” (300 x 300)
  • Optional inner bird screen